Lighting is Everything!

In the Dark

The level of light-intensity in a business space is rarely properly assessed when renovating or building a new office. New walls are built around the existing lighting without any thought to how low levels of light-intensity affects the staff.

Luminous Canada Inc wants to change this lack of design and vision.


Lighting spaces require different levels of light intensity for visual comfort. Although, property owners do not know how select the ideal light intensity for their space. They simply add more fluorescents when it is too dark and remove lighting when it is too bright. Property owners and management also use the wrong wattage when illuminating a space. This leads to higher electricity bills and an unsustainable use of resources.

Luminous Canada Inc’s subscription service will work with property owners and management to measure, assess, and establish proper light levels needed for their office, warehouse, or workspace. Our facilities will manufacture the correct wattage of lightbulb that provides the most efficient level of light intensity for the measured space.

We are an efficient and effective way to reduce facility costs while improving staff productivity, safety, and the functionality of the workspace.


My Experience

MD Abubakar Siddique

Chief Executive Officer

MD Abubakar is the CEO of Fuji CFL Industries, a large manufacturer of LED, CFL, incandescent lamps in Bangladesh. He grew up in his family’s light bulb manufacturing business, and over the years, he has been involved in all aspects of the business. From sourcing materials from China, to manufacturing and launching new divisions in the business, MD Abubakar’s extensive and detailed experience in the lighting industry is unmatched. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science in Business from St. John’s University in New York.

“Lighting brings an office to life. It has the power to transform even the smallest of spaces.”
– Simona Sund – Architect